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Small Bathroom Design

Most houses have small bathrooms. Yet, often bathrooms are not seen as a space where one can spend quality time. Thus they are usually just designed to be comfortable and efficient enough.

Bathroom remodeling ideas are not limited to big, luxurious bathrooms that perhaps have more leeway with space and moving around their bathroom fixtures and remodeling plumbing and electrical outlets.

Sure, you may need some help from a plumber, but there’s no rule that says your small bathroom can’t be a nicely designed room where you can still relax and find privacy. You don’t want to always be leaving your bathroom, as soon as possible, because what’s the point of spending a whole afternoon in an ugly, cold bathroom?

Well, it doesn’t have to be ugly and cold. Put your bathroom remodeling hat on now and take care of your small space; we have some fantastic bathroom remodeling tips and great bathroom remodeling how to suggestions.

Small Bathroom Design First of all, did you know that mirrors – especially positioned facing each other if possible – give a fantastic illusion of a larger space?

A sexy small bathroom feature is adding a full-length mirror especially if it’s anywhere the bathtub or the shower area.

Another great bathroom remodeling idea is to invest in mirror tiles; basically, the more mirrors, the better.

Another thing to remember when one is remodeling bathroom – especially if it’s a small bathroom – is to consider its colors. As with any other room you probably won’t want to make this limited space too dark, dark will make the walls seem as if they’re closing in on you, plus it gives an impression of cold.

The best color is definitely off-white, you may notice in most of bathroom remodeling photos (usually available online) that small spaces tend to be pale, not clinically white but rather soft and gentle in their shade. It is always good to add flowers, or geometrical or flower designs (tiles, prints, trimmings) to accentuate the style of your bathroom. Make sure that these are small and also pale in color.

Lightning too, is important. One of the best bathroom remodeling ideas is to combine the mirrors with the lighting fixtures and the color for the best illusion of space. Your lights should be spaced out well, the fool-proof suggestion (according to bathroom remodeling for dummies series) is to invest in a strip of light bulbs above your main mirror.

Finally, you may to consider – instead of bumping into your bathtub and always striving for space and style – a bathroom remodeling shower. For example, a nice see-through glass cubicle with white trimmings or mirrors inside it will be a beautiful – and functional – asset to any small bathroom.