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Dry Sauna

What Is A Dry Sauna?
The term dry sauna is a bit of a misnomer. Many people may interpret this as an arid, blazing hot room that, if you spend too much time in it, you'll have spiritual revelations. Obviously this is not the case. The term dry sauna is simply used to distinguish the traditional Swedish sauna from the steam based Finnish ones.

The dry sauna isn't dry at all. In fact sweat and steam are major elements in the performance of the dry sauna.

The easiest way to understand the dry sauna is through two old clich's.

"It's Not The Heat, It's The Humidity"
We've all heard this one before. Essentially what this means is that even though the temperature is mild it feels much hotter than it is. This is due to the fact that humid air transmits heat far more effectively than dry air. That's way you sweat so much on humid days.

"It's Hot, But It's A Dry Heat"
This phrase is most commonly attributed to the American South West. There temperatures can get as high as 114 degrees on an average summer day. However, because of the lack of humidity, this temperature is more comfortable than a 90-degree day in Louisiana.

Which Sauna is Better: Wet or Dry?
Well, this is up to you to decide. A wet sauna is obviously better for those who want to sweat. Sweating will clean out your pores and detoxify your body. You will also sweat a great deal in a dry sauna but here, the benefits are the increased heart rate and metabolism you get from the extreme heat. The dry sauna is truly the sauna for those who want to lose weight. 20 minutes in a dry sauna will help you burn around 300 calories. This is about the same as going for a long walk or a short run.

Sounds too good o be true right? It's totally true. The Swedes have known about the dry sauna for years, and they are known as some of the most gorgeous and athletic people in the world.

In fact the Swedish Olympic team even brings a dry sauna with them when they go to international competitions. The muscle relaxation properties of the dry sauna allow them to train harder, and there is less down time between workouts.