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Fiberglass Saunas

Most saunas are made from wood - most commonly cedar - and you might be hard-pressed to find anything like a fiberglass sauna. But they are out there.

What Is A Fiberglass Sauna?
Basically, the fiberglass sauna is built using fiberglass (fine strands of glass) panels instead of cedar. Doesn't sound like your cup o' tea? Perhaps it is due to the idea of sitting in heated glass room. But there is no real need to get anxious. Fiberglass is coated and it actually looks like wood when it is paneled.

While the fiberglass sauna is rare, it is used in most saunas as a base around edges and fixtures within – and outside – of the sauna. One of the main reasons fiberglass saunas are difficult to find is because the majority of sauna retailers undergo product testing by a group of Finnish sauna developers – a group that was established during World War II. And because more than half of sauna builders and retailers are Finnish, they must adhere to the strict policies and guidelines of sauna design. But as the demand for the fiberglass sauna goes up, perhaps the Fins will have a bit more leniency.

Try finding a fiberglass sauna by browsing around on the Internet. More and more sauna companies are beginning to see them grow in popularity.

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