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German Saunas

What Is A German Sauna?
Enjoying a German sauna is one of the most unique and liberating experiences anyone can have. It is a bit different than most Nordic saunas and quite different than anything in North America.

Newcomers to the German sauna are likely to be struck by the formality of the sauna experience. The German sauna has many strict rules attributed to it. For instance, they are generally co-ed (for both men and women) and you are supposed to bath nude. Most foreigners wrap a towel around their waists, but be sure to have another towel for your feet. No part of your skin should touch the wood benches found in the sauna.

Unlike the Finnish sauna, the German sauna is a dry sauna. The rule of thumb is to go between extremes and then gradually bring your body back to a comfortable temperature. For example, you may start off with a swim in a pool and then go to the dry sauna, then to a "shock pool" — a very cold tub — and then to an outdoor room for fresh air.

It is very important to remember to shower before and after entering the sauna, pool, and the shock pool. In fact, most saunas require that you shower after using the steam room for 10 to 20 minutes. The rules of the German sauna are strict and promote good hygiene.

Benefits of German Saunas
Saunas and steam rooms are typically used to help a person relax. Yet, they also have other health benefits. Dry sauans in particular have the distinct advantage over steam rooms of helping your body expel many of the toxic metals that you can accumulate in your body. Although your body has natural ways of ridding your body of these toxins, a good sweat lowers your body's level of sodium, lead, mercury, nickel and even cholesterol among other things.

Additionally, a thorough sweat can help you lose some weight quickly, although the results are far from permanent. Because of the dry heat in this type of sauna, your heart must worker harder to get blood moving to your capillaries. Therefore, you end up burning more calories which will help with weight loss.

However, it's not just your heart that must work harder, but also your sweat glands. And the more sweat you produce, the more energy and calories your body burns off. In fact, studies have shown that a session in a dry sauna can burn as much as 300 calories. This is equal to a two to three mile jog.

One of the main reasons for a noticeable change in weight after a steam session, though, is due to your sweating. In just a short, 20-minute steam sessin, your body can lose as much as a quart of water. Expelling this much water from your body can instantly reduce bloating and even help you lose a few inches. However, as soon as these fluids are replaced, any immediate weight loss you've experienced will be undone.

It is important to replace lost fluids, though, both during and after your steam session. Failure to replace the fluids can lead to dehydration and seriously interfere with your body's normal functions.

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