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Oxygen Sauna

An oxygen sauna is pretty much the same as any other sauna, using steam to help open your pores and make you sweat. However, an oxygen sauna has one vital difference: it uses oxygen to really help cleanse your system.

Our Environment
It has been well documented just how polluted our environment is. Carbon monoxide fills the air during traffic jams (a daily occurrence in urban centers), affecting motorists, passengers and pedestrians alike. The increasing consumption of processed foods means that we are filling our bodies with chemical additives and preservatives. Our need for the perfect lawn and garden results in an increase of pesticides and insecticides polluting the air, soil and water. The list goes on and on.

As more and more people wake-up to the growing catalog of toxins clogging our bodies, it should come as no surprise that many are taking action to cleanse their body of these pollutants. And one way of doing this is through the use of an oxygen sauna.

Benefits of Saunas
Saunas work to rid your body of these toxins by allowing you to sweat them out. However, an oxygen sauna works by directly attacking these toxins. As the sauna heats up with steam, your body temperature rises, you start to sweat and your pores open up. Once your pores are open, natural oxygen is able to enter your system and work its magic.

The steamy atmosphere of a sauna tends to increase your heart rate. When extra oxygen is also introduced to your body during a sauna session, you metabolism tends to speed up. With the increase in your heart rate, more blood is able to flow through your body. This means that more toxins are pumped to your heart and kidneys, which naturally process and filter out the harmful toxins in your body.

Relaxed and Refreshed
Many people also report that their skin looks much better after an oxygen sauna. This isn't really surprising when you consider that the extra oxygen in your body helps to kill bacteria and viruses as well as rid your body of nasty toxins. By getting rid of these elements, your skin becomes healthier from the inside out.

Of course, you also get the typical sauna benefits with an oxygen sauna. This includes relaxing sore, tired muscles caused either by stress or over exercising.

If you're looking for a way to make your body healthier, then indulging in an oxygen sauna is the way to go.

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