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Sauna Accessories: Jump Seat, Ceramic Heaters And Poplar Backs

In it's most basic form, a sauna is a just a wooden box that you sit in as it gets really, really hot. Well, that is true, but thanks to modern ingenuity, today's saunas are so much more.

As the popularity of home saunas has expanded, so has the popularity of home sauna accessories. If you didn't want to get out of the sauna before, there is no way you are going to leave now. Check out these inventions and before you know it, your sauna will be your favorite room in the house.

Light Therapy
Many people (especially the Finns) suffer from SAD or seasonal affected disorder. Symptoms include depression due to light deprivation that occurs during the winter. The specially designed lights mimic natural sunlight, thus easing anxiety and depression.

Negative Ion Generator
Gets rid of nasty sauna smells.

Magazine Rack
Why not spend your time in the sauna reading. Double your relaxation by installing a magazine rack in your sauna.

Jump Seat
This device fits across the back of the sauna and allows the user to lie down while relaxing in the soothing heat. Be careful not to fall asleep.

Ceramic Heaters
Besides looking more stylish, ceramic heaters transfer heat more effectively. They heat-up and cool down faster as well, thus saving you energy and, of course, money.

Sauna Windows
Keep an eye on things with sauna windows–or make everyone on the outside extremely jealous.

Poplar Back
This wood is by far the best material to line your sauna with. It is odorless and hypoallergenic. Basically, it'll just make your sauna experience that much more enjoyable.

Stereo Speakers
Hey rock-star! Relax like Keith Richards as you listen to Keith Richards. Smashing! Whether it's rock and or roll or soothing whale music you'll be able to cultivate the perfect soundtrack for your relaxing sauna experience.

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