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Sauna Kits For Home Relaxation

Who really has time to get to a sauna, trudging from your home or office to the gym can be real donkeywork. This doesn't have to be the case. Why not take the stress out of your attempts to relax by getting a home sauna kit.

These small portable saunas use only about $5 worth of electricity a month (if you make three saunas a week). Not bad, eh? Plus you'll save money on heating your home, as you can get all toasty warm whenever you want without turning up the thermostat.

Features and Types of Sauna kits
You can get all kinds of sauna kits. If you live alone there are small one-person saunas that you can easily snap together in any room of your house. These sauna kits tend to be inexpensive and they come in two pieces so you can get them through any standard doorframe.

You can also get all fancy and stuff. Multiperson unit are also available with the full compliment of standard sauna features, including fiber-optic lights and built in stereo speakers. These family units are a little more cumbersome but they too come in several pieces that allow for transportation to just about any room in your home.

There are also stylish euro-units available with studio seating, larger curved doors, glassing windows and a laminate exterior instead of wood, which allows you to paint or wallpaper the exterior.

Wood saunas are still the most popular choice however. The walls stay cool to the touch and they are extremely easy to clean (just use soap and water). Wood saunas also conduct moisture much better than other materials. So instead of increasing your sweat with pure heat, they employ large amounts of moisture. This is also better for your skin, as it detoxifies your pores.

Self Assembly
If you are a real handy man you can by a sauna kit that gives you all of the materials in raw form and it is up to you to assemble them and custom them to your specific needs.

This option is by far the cheapest but you will have to invest some of your own time and you might even need to got out and get some extra tools to complete the job. The end result is more reward though, and you have the perfect sauna for you.