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Sauna Suit

What's A Sauna Suit?
If you’re looking to lose weight fast, the sauna will help you "sweat it out." Popularized by boxers and wrestlers who are forced to do a "weigh in" before competitions, a sauna suit will maximize the amount of sweat and water to be taken out of your body.

***Please use sauna suits wisely. They should not be used as (or in part of) an intense workout. Be careful not to dehydrate yourself.

Typically, sauna suits are used by professional athletes, and can be found in a variety of salons and health clubs all over the U.S. Sauna suits are usually made of heavy gage vinyl – they are built to take abuse, whether you're working out, or just trying to "sweat out" a couple of pounds.

Sauna suits can also be used in conjunction with body wraps. Since the suit helps to hold in the heat, the effects of the body wrap are maximized. Plus, if you are doing the body wrap at home, wearing a sauna suit will allow you to move about freely without worring about getting any clay mud on your furniture or carpet.

Losing Weight
While sauna suits help you to perspire and thereby lose a few inches quickly, remember that sauna suits expel water and do not necessarily expel fat deposits. Try not to define "in shape" or "out of shape" by reading the measurements on a scale. Mirrors are a far better (but not perfect) indicator of your shapeliness. As well, any weight lost through a sauna suit will be regained quickly, therefore they are not a permanent weight loss solution.

One of the pros to sauna suits is that it traps heat inside, making the product not only useful for stripping away water weight, but keeping warm in very cold conditions. Use them when you go hiking, mountain climbing, skiing – it is even a good idea to bring a sauna suit along as a safety measure, whether you're going camping, or driving along a secluded highway in the winter. The sauna suit traps body heat inside and circulates to keep your muscles warm and blood flowing.

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