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Welcome To The World Of Saunas
Just imagine if there was one single therapy that could help you lose weight, clear you skin, lower stress and detoxify your body. Well, don���t bother imagining. A sauna can do all of these things for you and all it takes is about thirty minutes a day.

Saunas can range from the amazingly hot Swedish dry saunas, super steamy Finnish saunas and even the ultra-modern infrared saunas. No matter what type of sauna the benefits are the same.

Benefits of Saunas
Here are some of the ways that a sauna can benefit your health:

Steam saunas may help you lose weight. Spending some time in a steam bath for can burn as many as 300 calories. Combine this with a healthy diet and exercise and you���ll be thinner in no time. The steam sauna can also tighten your skin, in that dirty battle against cellulite.

A steam bath will relax your tense and aching muscles. If you have had a long day (or month) at work, toxins can build up in your muscle tissue, causing you pain and discomfort. A steam sauna can force your muscles to relax, almost instantly releasing these harmful toxins. It is also great after a workout. The extra blood flow will speed up the repair of your muscle tissue, thus allowing you to exercise again sooner. Don���t take my word for it. The Finnish Olympic team takes a portable steam sauna to all competitions.

The steam sauna also cleanses your skin. The sweat opens your pores, thus flushing out unhealthy toxins and grime.

Steam bathing provides a cardiovascular workout without stress or strain on your joints. You heart rate will speed up 50-75% in a 20-minute steam bath. This goes a long way to speeding up your metabolism, thus helping you burn fat. It is about the same as going for a long walk. Some people are under the conception that steam baths raise your blood pressure. While this is true, it also expands your blood vessels to compensate.

There is also an amazing array of luxurious accessories, including sauna stereos, so you can sweat to the oldies���or the newies, it doesn���t really matter. So check out all the saunas have to offer. You���ll be able to find a sauna just for yourself, or even a sauna big enough for the entire family.