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Solar Saunas

For a more energy efficient sauna — one that will work effectively and cut down on energy costs — the solar sauna is the perfect alternative.

Solar energy has become an extremely efficient source of energy of the last number of years. It is a natural, safe and environmentally friendly way to heat your home, pool, even cars! Today, solar panels can be used to heat saunas as well.

Installing Solar Panels
Face the solar panels south at a tilt angle of about +15 degrees latitude. Plumb them in parallel. A small 1/35 HP hot water circulator pump will do for circulation. Baseboard heating element (copper tube, aluminum finish) should be installed all around the sauna, preferably at the floor but will work at the ceiling and circulate the solar heated water through the baseboard elements. It will get to around 160 to 180 degrees assuming that you have decent collectors and the sauna is insulated a little. You may want an automatic control, which you can find while you browse around the Internet, or simply contact a professional in your area.

Benefits of Solar Saunas
Solar saunas are the choice of people who want a great sauna that is harmless to the environment and saves on energy costs. Today, solar heating is becoming more important than ever before. Natural gas and oil, which are burned to heat our homes and water, are limited. As reserves of gas and oil shrink, these fuels become more expensive. However, if more people used solar heating systems, these fossil fuels would not only last longer, but would also be less expensive.

Another benefit of using solar energy - you help save the environment. Natural fuels, like gas and oil, are burned off to create heat and thereby cause air pollution. While you may think electricity is better, even this source of power and heat can cause air pollution since coal and natural gas still need to be burned in order produce electricity in the power plant. But using solar energy doesn't require any natural fuel sources to be burned, thereby keeping our air and water clean.

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