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Remodeling Tips: When To Add Or Repair A Bathroom

Tired of banging on the bathroom door to gain access to the only full bathroom? Want to fix major leaks in the shower and sink?

There are many reasons why people add bathrooms or do major repairs to their existing space. If you've been contemplating such a home improvement project, consider your lifestyle and the extent of the problem. How long can you share bathroom space? If repairs are deferred, can they lead to bigger repair bills down the road?

Bathroom Remodeling for Kids

One of the big reasons for a remodeling is to add a bathroom for the kids. As kids age, they often need a little more privacy and space. Adding a second hall bathroom can go a long way toward restoring peace to a household, making it worth the expense.

A new bathroom also can free up space in your own bathroom, which allows you to keep it neat and tidy and free of toothpaste spills. Another bathroom can also help boost your home value in the marketplace. Just keep it simple to avoid overimproving.

Bathroom Remodeling for You

Other people focus on bathroom remodeling or repairs out of necessity. If your sink has a major leak and the plumbing contractor says it's time...then it's time. As you debate this type of remodeling, look at the whole bathroom and decide whether a bigger repair is in order. Better to pay the plumber once then spread it out and pay for repeated service calls. Here's more on doing quality bathroom repairs.

While bathroom remodeling or repair is an investment, it can be money well spent in many cases. Get several estimates, judge the severity of the problem, and look at your home in light of the surrounding neighborhood. Then enjoy the niceties you create--and the peace you can find with fewer bathroom battles.