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Allison Millar
Home remodeling used to be all about the pizzazz of granite countertops and marble floors, but in today's world the focus is on payback. If you spend $10,000, $20,000 or even $50,000, will you get it back….and when? While the housing market is rebounding in many areas, it's wise to invest your remodeling dollars carefully. Modest remodeling projects, such as bathroom updates versus full blown overhauls, will fare better than extravagant ...
Allison Millar
Home repair problems often blindside you. The roof leaks after a storm. The dishwasher floods the kitchen. In your haste to make repairs, remember these tips from Maryland's Attorney General's office on avoiding home repair scams. Avoid: The contractor who just happens to be driving by -- with a "today only" or "cash only" offer. The roofing contractor who tells you what's wrong without getting on the roof or looking in your ...
Allison Millar
Dreaming of a lush, green lawn this summer? Now is the time to take action, as the grass comes to life and you can see all its glory -- and imperfections! During this spring lawn care season, it's important to restore the lawn and get ahead of the weeds! Here's the spring lawn care plan: Assess the problem, whether it's bare spots, fungus or weeds. Then, determine ...
If you're old enough to remember when "wallpaper" meant something other than the background on your tablet computer, you probably know that you haven't seen real wallpaper in decades outside of your great Aunt Lulu's house. That trend may now be changing. As noted by designer Teal Michel, wallpaper is cool again. While it's been much more common to paint walls in in recent years, Michel says, "Wallpaper can be a ...
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