3 easy ways to spruce up your home design

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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If your house has the winter blahs, step back and reevaluate your design options. Where would a punch of color boost the mood? How could new flooring, art work, tile or window treatments set the stage? Here are 3 easy ways to spruce up your space.

1. Home design: Try bold colors

Don’t be afraid of color–it won’t bite and it can always be toned down later. Try a cranberry faux paint treatment in the powder room or blue and yellow curtains in a French Country kitchen. Just don’t go overboard. Pick three or four places throughout the house and make sure they don’t compete with each other.

Accessories are a big hit when trying to add color. Among the options are lamps, pillows, vases, paintings, rugs and decorative candle holders. Pick a theme (animal prints?) or a color scheme (red and yellow?) and carry it throughout the house to create continuity.

Try these paint color tips from HGTV.

2. Start with a dramatic foyer design

The foyer is the first place most visitors see, so make your foyer design the most dramatic. Try an ornate wooden table with a decorative mirror above it. Replace basic wood flooring with slate or marble tiles. Draw the eyes up with a 5-layer chandelier.

3. Boost master bedroom design options

If you’re like many home owners, the master bedroom takes back stage to the kitchen and bathrooms. This can be a mistake, however, as this space is what you see first and last each day. Try these bedroom remodeling ideas:

  • A new duvet cover and pillows
  • Window treatments that add some texture or pull out the color in a rug or painting. Here’s more on selecting the perfect oriental rug for your home design.
  • A portable electric fireplace
  • Soft lighting around the ceiling controlled by a dimmer switch

Bedroom remodeling, plus a dose of color and some well placed accessories, can take the blahs out of your home design!

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  2. jamie
    Feb 22, 2011

    I once painted my bedroom because I was suffering from seasonal effective disorder, and I wound up with a lime green bedroom. I felt much happier, until the summer rolled around!

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