5 big ways to cut kitchen remodeling expenses

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Product review
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Trying to piece together a kitchen remodeling project on a small budget? Try cutting each of the top 5 expense categories. You may be amazed how it adds up to a great kitchen at a great price.

#1 Kitchen cabinets

It’s not uncommon for kitchen cabinets to cost $4,000 to $8,000 or more, depending on the wood, style and finish. Save two ways by:

  1. Sticking with baseline oak cabinets instead of the upgraded cherry or maple wood. Then add a cherry glaze and you can still save $800 to $1,600.
  2. Considering cabinet refacing and save $1,000 to $2,500 on kitchen cabinet costs. Also, try these kitchen remodeling cost cutters.

#2 Kitchen appliances

Instead of the 48-inch Wolf or Viking range for $8,000 to $10,000, try these two suggestions:

  1. Downsize to 36 inches to save $3,000 or more.
  2. Downsize and switch to a less expensive brand, such as Frigidaire, to save $6,000 or more. You won’t get all the features, but many mid-range brands have high BTU burners, convection cooking and other features.

# 3 Kitchen countertops

Bypass the granite countertop and go for a laminate with a stone look. You can save $3,000 or more! Or, check out Dannylipford.com and create a DIY granite countertop look.

# 4 Kitchen flooring

Forego the slate floor and go with 12 inch vinyl squares with a slate pattern. Or, buy oak floors instead of Brazilian cherry. The savings? $500 to $2,500. Try this design tool from Armstrong.

# 5 Remodeling contractor

Here are three ways to cut costs without skimping on the quality of the contractor:

  1. Make all your decisions before the remodeling begins to avoid change orders, restocking costs and extra installation costs.
  2. Do some of the demolition yourself to save $200 to $400. Here’s a step by step from Hometime.com.
  3. Save $400 to $600 by doing the painting yourself.

So, total up your savings:

  1. Cabinets–$800 to $2,500
  2. Appliances–$3,000 to $6,000
  3. Countertop–$3,000
  4. Floors–$500 to $2,500
  5. Contractor/painting–$1,000 to $2,000

Now, that’s $8,300 to $16,000 in real savings!

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  2. Jul 25, 2011

    Thanks for the great idea.

  3. Jan 17, 2012

    Kitchen and bath remodels are complicated projects with lots of variables and “vanities”. By “vanities” we do not mean places to rest your hair dryer, we mean sexy objects and materials that we want and look for in our kitchen and bath renovations. Trying to convince someone to give up their granite counter tops in exchange for spray foam insulation is a lost cause, but consider giving up something or adding a bit to your budget to produce a return on investment forever.

    They are also opportunities to deal with some of the worst air leaks in the home. Spray foam insulation can tighten up these leaks and help to quiet drain pipes that are running through the walls. When you have an opportunity to gain energy performance in the home never pass it up.

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