5 Home improvement resolutions to avoid!

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
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‘Tis the time to start fresh, clean out closets, and make a few New Year’s resolutions. While revamping your house has merits, here are 5 home improvement resolutions to avoid!

  1. Trying to find the “perfect” contractor. You’ve vowed to run from your neighbor’s handyman who put a hole through your living room wall. Fine. Just don’t set your sights on the perfect remodeling contractor, as that’s an unrealistic goal. There are many good contractors, as long as you don’t ask for the moon. Instead, focus on a contractor who:
    1. Has experience in the type of project you’re doing.
    2. Has great references and invites you to see his or her work firsthand.
    3. Is responsive when you call and listens to your needs. Here’s a good list of constractor questions from Life of an Architect.
  2. Planning to save a fortune by doing the work yourself. While DIY home improvement can save money, the rewards are not always huge. This is particularly true with complicated DIY projects, like kitchen cabinet refacing. Get a few estimates and focus on realistic savings. Here’s some research on the cost of installing wood floors.
  3. Remodeling your home in a weekend. Do some online research into how long projects take before tearing apart your space.
  4. Saving time by skipping the planning stages. Planning may seem boring, but it can save you from major remodeling mistakes. Here’s what can go wrong when you resolve to skip this important home improvement step.
  5. Eliminating stress from home improvement. Another unrealistic goal! While lowering your stress level is a lofty New Year’s resolution, it’s difficult to eliminate stress completely from home improvement. Instead, focus on how to manage the stress and avoid remodeling mistakes. Here’s how to make kitchen cabinet refacing a pleasant experience.

Now, those are New Year’s resolutions to live by… every year!

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