Add Value With Landscaping Finesse

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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Sprucing up the yard just got a little easier. If you thought that planting all those bushes and perennials was just for your enjoyment, think again. Landscaping can boost your home value. After all, home value is tied into that important curb appeal.

According to CNN.com, landscaping can pay for itself–and then some. In some cases, those new boxwood, lilac bushes, and crab apple trees can bring a payback that is 5 to 11 percent more than the cost, assuming you do things in a practical way. Here are ways to ensure you get that kind of payback:

  • Do the work yourself or hire a good landscaping contractor who provides good service, discounts on the plantings, and reasonable prices.
  • Focus on key landscaping focal points, such as the area around your front door, sidewalk and back yard deck.
  • Get that lawn in order, starting with weed control and periodic fertilizer. Depending on the lawn’s condition, you may need a landscaping contractor to get it right. Also, try these landscaping tips from HGTV.

Landscaping: A View From the Street

In the end, the true test of your home value is what someone would pay for it. Nice landscaping can boost your home value because it is so visible. Potential buyers pull up to your house and see flowering trees, soft sculpted shrubs, and several doses of high color perennials.

Landscaping For Energy Efficiency

As you debate how much to put into your landscaping, consider how you use the space and your time frame for staying there. If you plan to be there awhile, you can save money and buy smaller trees that will grow to create a privacy screen in four or five years. Trees also can help with energy efficiency, according to Move.com. As the green movement expands, it helps to have nice landscaping to sway potential buyers who want strategically placed shrubs to help reduce utility usage.

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