Bathroom remodeling with a splash!

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Product review
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When is the last time you really looked at your bathroom? If you’re like me, it’s been awhile. We often breeze through the bathroom during the morning rush and overlook the unsightly mess. Don’t make this mistake, as this is one space that can make a big splash…with a little planning. Here’s how to do a little bathroom remodeling in three to five days.

  • Painting adds a fresh face very quickly. Even if you have cracks to fill and caulking to do, you can do the work in a few days. Bathrooms are tricky, however, as you’re working around the toilet and reaching into small nooks and crannies. If patience is not your virtue, call a contractor for help.
  • Flooring such as a new marble or tile floor can make a big bang on a small budget. Check out home improvement stores for neutral “field” tiles that sell for around $1 each. Then splurge on a few rows of fancy inlays or a stone border in front of the vanity. Or, try this bathroom remodeling idea on for size. (Hint: It’s a remodeling project that involves painting the floor!)
  • Fixtures like a new glass sink and stainless steel faucet make a statement and update the space quickly. If storage is an issue, ditch the pedestal sink and add a vanity with storage underneath.
  • Mirrors can be a fancy addition; just get a good home improvement contractor to add decorative molding around a plain mirror.
  • Wallpaper that mimics an old fashioned tin ceiling is just one inexpensive bathroom remodeling fix noted by HGTV.

With a little creativity and a few days of sweat equity (or a contractor’s time), your bathroom can shine like new.

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  2. jamie
    Jan 26, 2011

    I installed a tile floor in my bathroom(having no experience what so ever) and surprisingly it was pretty simple. I got the tiles and grout at Lowe’s, and it took a few days to complete it all. I also rented a tile saw to cut the tiles along the edges, and this took a few tries to get right(so buy an extra box of floor tile)

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