Before You Sell: Two Essential Home Renovations

By: Natalie Morris, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements, Repair your home's value
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Anytime you sell a home, of course you want to maximize the selling price. But in today’s uncertain real estate market, getting the best possible value from your resale feels even more important. Nearly every homeowner getting ready for market can find home repairs or improvements that could be made. But you’re not making improvements out of the goodness of your heart.

Knowing which repairs will add the most value to buyers can help prioritize what you add to your to-do list and what you scratch off. Here are two home renovations you’ve simply got to compete before trying to sell a home.

Essential Home Repair #1 – Give Your Walls a Clean Slate

Potential buyers will study walls and ceilings looking for water damage or structural issues, so they’ll definitely notice a sloppy paint job, grimy handprints, or the nursery rhyme mural that’s still on your 13-year-old son’s wall. Your walls don’t have to be completely sterile, but home repair using a creamy new coat of white or beige paint will help buyers see value in your home and remove a possible barrier to a sale. If visitors see one of the most visible parts of you home looking sketchy, they’re going to wonder what else about your home is sketchy.

Essential Home Repair #2 – Freshen Up Your Kitchen and Bath

Even though many kitchen and bath repairs are fairly simple, buyers can feel overwhelmed if they feel those spaces need a lot of work. Because they’re already dealing with the stressful process of buying a new home, many people just aren’t interested in taking on a huge amount of home renovation work post-sale. Here’s the good news according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report:  you should get nearly 100 percent of your kitchen and bathroom remodel investment back upon resale. A shiny new sink, fresh coat of cabinet stain, and a well-lit space will go a long way.

Make sure you look closely at your walls, kitchen, and bathrooms before putting your home on the market. Get going on those home repairs today and prepare yourself for a stream of interested homebuyers soon.

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