Beware These Scary Home Repairs

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements, Repair your home's value
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In the true Halloween spirit, let’s talk about scary houses. Not haunted houses with creaking floorboards, but scary ones to avoid buying.

Many houses that need cosmetic updates are available and they can be good investments over the long term. These are the types of fixer uppers that can turn general remodeling costs into profit–assuming you are careful and hold onto the house for awhile.

Beware of Scary Home Improvements

Then there are houses with major structural problems–leaning support beams in the basement, foundation repairs, and other issues…you get the picture. You want to avoid those scary houses because they can lead to home improvement nightmares.

A house with major structural issues is just a drain on your housing investment–the proverbial Money Pit! It can look OK from the outside, but once you nose around, you may notice major home improvement issues that were never addressed.

Mold Problems…No Thanks!

I once walked into the basement of a home that had a leak coming from the powder room above. It probably started as a simple home repair, but the owners avoided it. To the point where water was flowing into the basement and mold problems were everywhere. Now, that was scary. You have to ask yourself, if they avoided fixing a leaking faucet, what else did they avoid?

Home repair isn’t always fun or cheap, but it sure beats letting your house fall into major disrepair. A little leak can quickly turn into a major headache in a few days. So, as you house hunt or figure out your own home repair list, don’t let the little things get past you. If you see major structural home repairs, be wary. Get professional advice on the remodeling costs.

You don’t want to buy a scary house or turn your housing investment into a scary situation.

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  2. Nov 3, 2009

    This is some good info but you forgot to mention termites that could be a problem if there is a leak termites love wet wood. I have a home repair company and I see a lot of termite damage because of leaks that some time cause a lot of damage to the home.

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