Big Contractor or Small? Make Your Choice

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Product review
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Big contractor or small? As you gather names of contractors to interview, you’ll come across remodeling firms of different sizes and levels of expertise. Which one is best for your project?

It’s not as easy as saying the big contractor is more expensive than the small contractor because that’s not always the case. Look first at two main factors–the scope of your remodeling and the level of specialization you need.

Large Remodeling Firms: The Bonuses

Large home improvement firms are better equipped to handle projects with multiple facets, such as kitchen remodeling that requires a plumber, electrician, drywall installer, and someone to oversee it all. When interviewing contractors, try these questions from Better Homes & Gardens to narrow down your search.

Then, if you decide you need a large contractor firm that uses the general contractor approach, try these tips from PBS.org.

Don’t Shortchange the Small Remodeling Firm

That doesn’t mean a small remodeling firm can’t handle a kitchen remodeling. It just means that you should identify how complicated your project is. Here are a few factors that might tip it toward a big home improvement company:

  • Major structural changes, such as taking down a wall or adding on space
  • Zoning variances (not just a permit, but asking your town’s zoning board for something atypical)

Remodeling Contractors for Small Spaces

If your remodeling project is small to medium sized, a small home improvement firm could be the best solution because you only pay for a few people at a time. Combined with these remodeling tips for small spaces, the project should go smoothly.

With a small remodeling firm, the owner often is hands on and able to respond quickly to questions. You may realize cost savings because the overhead is lower– fewer employees and insurance premiums.

The bottom line is to know what expertise you need and don’t pay for more than you need.

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