Boost Home Value With Vinyl Siding

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements, Repair your home's value
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Low maintenance is a big buzzword for many people these days. Mow the lawn or do your own remodeling? Not interested. Paint wood siding? No way.

Vinyl Siding in Today’s World

It’s no wonder vinyl siding has grown in popularity during the past 15 year. The product has come of age, looking more like wood with realistic grooves and textures. As people focus on home value, vinyl siding is an easy choice to boost the bottom line.

If you want to add this durable and easy to maintain product to your home, you’re not alone. While sales have slowed recently, the numbers are impressive. The Vinyl Siding Institute notes there were 18.7 million shipments of siding in 2009.

Vinyl Siding: Yeah or Nay?

If you’ve got a 20-year-old house with vinyl siding, you’re probably looking at a little remodeling to replace the older material. Start by finding a good vinyl siding contractor because the installation is key. You want a contractor who knows how to install the boards, soffits, and fascia to guard against water infiltration.

Vinyl Siding Options

If you haven’t shopped for vinyl siding in a few years, you may be surprised at the options you have for colors, textures, and patterns. These vinyl siding products from CertainTeed give you a glimpse of the cedar shake look. Note the reinforced ribs and lock tabs for added durability.

Vinyl Siding and Resale Value

There’s also good financial news in all this. According to Bank Rate, the right siding job can boost your home value. Drive through any neighborhood and you can quickly spot the homes with a new remodeling touch on the outside.

Vinyl siding might not be for everyone, but it works for millions of people who want a low maintenance product with plenty of curb appeal. With the right contractor, material, and plan, you can boost your curb appeal and home value with new vinyl siding.

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