Creative ways to sell your home in today’s market

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
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Trying to sell your home in today’s market? Here’s how to get the deal done.

Embrace social media

Today’s home buyers want instant access and great visuals. Write short, pithy social media posts that entice people to follow you and come to your open house. That means:

  1. Adding a YouTube video of your patio, pond and perennial beds. (See this YouTube example for ideas.)
  2. Tweeting about your $500 gas card incentive on Twitter.
  3. Sharing home improvement or decorating updates room by room on Facebook.

Get the home pricing right

Buyers expect bargains today, so don’t hold out for a few thousand dollars extra. If you really want to sell:

  1. Get aggressive and lower your home pricing 1 to 5 percent below competing houses. Here are other pricing tips from USA Today.
  2. Hire a good real estate agent who has sales (not just listings) in your area and knows how to stage houses to sell. Also try these staging ideas from AOL.

Get creative with home pricing incentives

High gas prices have everyone up in arms, so try offering a $500 gas gift card to the buyer or a 1-year health club membership. In a condo, offer 6 months of association dues.

Do home remodeling the right way

Focus on highly visible projects such as:

  1. A decorative seascape paint treatment in the foyer
  2. Fragrant rose bushes by the front door
  3. Meticulous edging around your lawn and flower bed

Don’t forget to think outside of the box. A Friday night cocktail hour or a neighborhood tour of your garden can be just the push you need to get it sold. In this market…whatever it takes!

Home pricing update

While existing home sales fell 3.8 percent (to 4.81 million) in May due to rising gas prices and broader economic issues, the market is expected to see some improvement by year end. To check housing conditions in your local market, try these stats from The National Association of Realtors.

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