Don’t Remodel Without These!

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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We all like to save money when remodeling, but is there a point when being frugal can hurt your home value? It can when it involves cutting corners on products you use every day or that are key to your décor.

Just ask anyone who tried to save by downgrading to a smaller refrigerator or a lower quality kitchen cabinet. Those are products you use every day and if they aren’t up to par, you know it. (And, so will anyone looking to buy your house).

Here’s a look at some remodeling products you don’t want to skimp on:

  • Kitchen appliances. Save by avoiding the big names, but don’t cut out quality, size, or basic features. You may not need the 48-inch range with 6 burners, but you do need a 30 to 36-inch model with at least one high BTU burner. Before remodeling, search reviews, such as this one from Consumer Reports.
  • Kitchen Cabinets. For $500 or so, you can add a few glass doors and nice decorative molding to set off your cabinets. Check out these glass doors from Thomasville Cabinetry to see how glass can enhance even one kitchen cabinet.
  • Carpeting. Unless you’re fixing up a rental, avoid the lowest priced carpet, because it can feel flat under your feet. There are many good mid-range carpets that can do the trick. And, upgrade the padding. As you can see from Home Depot, it can make a world of difference.
  • Painting. Builder white just won’t cut it in many neighborhoods. It doesn’t cost much more to buy a rich color in a premium brand. You can boost your home value and reduce your maintenance because high quality paints help the paint job last longer.

In the end, cut remodeling costs by shopping sales and reducing extravagant purchases. However, you don’t want to skimp on key house-related products.

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