Edible Home Improvement Gifts? Oh, My!

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Home improvement and the holidays, Necessary home improvements
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A new drill? Fancy electric screwdriver? Come on…now that the holiday shopping season is official, it’s time to think about what home improvement toys top the list. (I particularly like the Tool Band-it from that link that helps you hold nails, screws, etc. The article says “you’ll never have to hold–or taste–nails in your mouth.” Who could argue with that?)

Personally, I’m not into the drills and woodworking tools this year….just a little undercabinet kitchen lighting. You’ve all seen those kitchens with the soft lighting that adds just the right touch as you walk to the counter for another glass of wine. Then, crank up the light when you want to chop veggies or do the dishes. Well, we never want to do dishes, but that’s another story.

This is a great time of year to buy those home improvement odds and ends and splurge a little. Whether you’re a DIYer or prefer to hire contractors, there are plenty of options. And, almost anything you do that adds function to your day can boost your housing investment–or at least make you feel better about paying that rent or mortgage.

If you’re shopping for that man in your life, here’s a list of top home improvement “toys” for men. Not sure why women can’t use them, but that’s yet another story. I like the robot that cleans your gutters. Maybe he likes heights and ladders, because I don’t.

And, for those who were looking for edible home improvement gifts, here is one. Hard to believe and I doubt most contractors are aware of this, but handmade hardware is all the rage.

So, bring on the new kitchen lighting. Then, if they could only move that robot to a dishwasher and have him put the dishes away when the cycle is done. That’s at the top of my home improvement list. Ready to book the plumbing contractor now.

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