Fall Home Improvement Projects that Pay Off

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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Fall is a great time to put a little effort into your home improvement. Whether you’re selling your house or just trying to put on a fresh face, a few fall home improvement projects can provide a good payback.

Here’s a look at five home improvement projects to consider in the kitchen and throughout the home:

  1. A new kitchen backsplash. A $500 to $750 investment in tile (and a contractor to install it) can totally transform your kitchen design. Think stainless steel, Italian marble, or glass tiles. On a smaller budget? Try a decorative paint finish.
  2. A kitchen sink and faucet. Many kitchen sinks are available to add a design flair. Try a farm sink with a deep bowl and exposed front section. Faucets with high arching handles also make a big statement. Expect to spend $500 to $800, which includes the installation by a contractor.
  3. Add color to the house. When remodeling, look for ways to add a burst of color to the kitchen, foyer, or bathroom. It might be a bold, red dishwasher or a warm sienna paint color. Find your color and go.
  4. Declutter. This is one home improvement project that pays dividends from Day 1. Clean out closets, drawers, and any other place where papers, books, and “stuff” has become a problem, says The Daily Green. Then adopt the “1 item in, 1 item out” rule.
  5. Incorporate glass. Look for ways to add glass tile to the bathroom wall or glass doors to the kitchen cabinetry. You can create a sense of openness, add texture, and boost your bathroom or kitchen design.

You can use fall home improvement projects in many ways to transform your space. Put on a new face in a few key places and see how your mood lifts!

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  2. Oct 7, 2010

    Thanks for the list of fall home improvement projects Allison. Your readers should also consider the exterior of their home when planning their fall to-do list. Cleaning out flower beds, trimming back bushes, planting a few mums and tulip bulbs will go a long way in increasing your home’s curb appeal. Fall is also a great time to make a list for your handyman to knock out those must-do items like clean gutters, inspect shingles, and repair foundation cracks.

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