Fall home repairs to do now!

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Product review
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Fall is a great time to invest in your home and make needed home repairs before winter sets in. Here’s a look at remodeling projects that can pay big dividends if you do them now.

Reseeding the lawn

If you wait until spring, you’ll be playing catch up with the neighbor’s lawn. Besides, why not give the grass roots time to establish and grow, so they can come back strong next year?

September is a great time for reseeding the lawn because the temperature is ideal for cool season seeds, such as Kentucky Bluegrass. Just remember the following:

  • Add seed starter to get things rolling.
  • Add peat moss on top of the seed to retain moisture and keep birds from eating it.
  • Buy grass seed with 2 percent or less grass weeds. Why start off with weeds?

Home repairs: the comfort factor

If leaking windows and doors were a problem last year, now is a good time to stop the financial drain. A remodeling contractor or handyman can tell you when to try replacement windows versus adding weather stripping. Also consider these factors:

  • Heavy, lined drapes in sunrooms and other spots where windows are plentiful
  • Vinyl replacement windows with a good energy rating. Here’s a good regional estimater from Energy Star.
  • Thermo-pane windows, which can boost your energy efficiency by 60 percent or more

Consider “dull” energy-efficient solutions

Buying a new dishwasher or insulating your water heater may not be exciting, but it can save money. Newer Energy Star dishwashers can save 10 gallons or more of water per cycle. Still washing dishes by hand? You may not realize that those dishpan hands are costing you 5,000 gallons of water and $40 per year in utility costs. Not convinced? Here’s more from the Las Vegas Journal Review.

But, before adding those funky compact fluorescent light bulbs, consider the Daily Green list of where NOT to use CFLs. Hint. They don’t like cold places and rapidly switched lighting.

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