Five Exterior Remodeling Projects That Pay Off

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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Have you driven past your house lately and looked at it with a critical eye? Chances are you may cringe at a few projects you’ve overlooked (or been avoiding!). The peeling paint on the porch railing or the roof with algae on the front–you get the drill.

If you’re looking to boost that important exterior image, here are some remodeling projects that pay off.

  • Paint. Paint. Paint. This is one remodeling project that gives almost instant gratification. A fresh coat of paint can make your home stand out and boosts its value pretty quickly. For a special boost, consider using an accent color that contrasts with your brick, stone, or siding.
  • Add focal points. A new front door or nice shutters can boost your curb appeal, according to Look for a door you can paint a bold color, such as red. With shutters, contrast the color against your exterior building materials to make the shutters pop.
  • Landscaping updates. Go beyond trimming bushes and add a colorful garden bed, a fountain or bird bath area, or a small patio. A landscaping contractor typically could add a butterfly garden or other types of remodeling projects in a few days.
  • Exterior lighting. New coach lights or decorative lights on a deck can help set the mood. Just try this article from for more ideas. Also try some lighting that shines up at a special tree or highlights your new landscaping.
  • Repairs. Not as exciting as new paint, but helpful just the same. A contractor or handyman could spend a few days fixing broken stairs, cracked sidewalks, and other unsightly items.

Exterior remodeling projects can make a big impact in a short time. Soon you could drive up to your house and smile instead of cringing.

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  2. Kate
    Aug 18, 2010

    The exterior lighting article was very helpful. Though I have upper lighting around my house, low lighting fixtures will be enhance the landscaping and patio to complete the look I want. Thanks!

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