Floor Plan Updates to Boost Your Home Value

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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Want to boost the usability of your floor plan and improve your home value? Here are some remodeling projects that can change the way your floor plan flows.

Interior Lighting Tricks. Canned lights in the ceiling and skylights that bring in natural light are just two examples of how you can use light to improve your interior space flow. Also add interior lighting around a tray ceiling in your dining room.

Pocket Door Remodeling. If you’re cramped for space around a bathroom, kitchen pantry or den, try a pocket door that slides back into the wall. You’ll save three to four feet around the door opening, where the door would normally swing out.

Add Space Around the Kitchen Island. Instead of the standard 36 to 42 inches of walking space around the kitchen island, try 48 inches. That extra space will make the area seem larger and prevent you from bumping into guests, refrigerators or cabinetry. Here’s a handy space planner from the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

Improve Flooring Options. There are many ways to make a floor plan look larger with new flooring options, such as light colored wood or ceramic tile floors. When in doubt, go light with your flooring options!

Remodeling the Dining Room Wall. When in doubt, take it out. If you have a dining room next to the kitchen and want to open the space, consider making a cut out in the wall for a breakfast bar. It’s a low cost way of improving your home value.

If your floor plan seems a little cramped, take a look around the house. Where can you open space, steal some floor space or do a few remodeling projects to improve the flow of space? In the end, you’ll be glad you did!

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  1. One Response to “Floor Plan Updates to Boost Your Home Value”

  2. jamie
    Dec 21, 2010

    Great tips! I agree with the dining room wall removal. The days of separate dining rooms are over, as everyone likes an open floor plan with a kitchen that is part of the rest of the house.

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