Get creative with new vinyl siding styles

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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Tired of living the boring, cookie cutter house life? Here’s how to spice up the outside of your house without breaking the bank.

Change your vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is a highly durable and economical product, but some older product lines lack a real design flair. Luckily, the days of boring siding are over. Today’s siding offers:

  1. Varying textures that replicate stucco, natural stone, cedar and brick.
  2. A wider range of colors, such as barn red, terra cotta, and coral.
  3. Unique edge treatments, such as dutchlap, which has a beveled treatment, or scalloped, with rounded edges in overlapping rows.

According to Northjersey.com, there are a few common types of vinyl siding to consider:

  1. Fiber cement siding–a nice “green” product that can provide a high return on your home remodeling investment. It is noncombustible, stylish, and often includes recycled content.
  2. Polymer siding–gives a shake or shingle style with a cedar texture. According to Certainteed, it adds a unique three dimensional look.

Vinyl siding costs

Most people are on a budget with home remodeling these days, so it helps to consider these variables that affect vinyl siding costs:

  1. The brand, style and thickness of the boards
  2. Whether the work requires adding or repairing soffits and fascia boards
  3. The pattern of the boards. Shop around and compare brands, as some include decorative siding in their standard product lines, while others charge a premium.

Take care of vinyl siding repairs

If you have some cracked or broken siding, the look can affect your curb appeal. This strong material can bounce back with a little help from a contractor or a handy home owner. Assess the damage, your own skills and consider these vinyl siding repair tips.

Still debating which home remodeling change to make? Here are a few others:

  1. New shutters
  2. New front porch steps in brick or bluestone
  3. Revamped perennial flower bed near your front door

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  1. One Response to “Get creative with new vinyl siding styles”

  2. San Francisco Remodeling
    Sep 27, 2011

    I would love to get new siding, but it simply isn’t in our budget right now. We’ve recently done a lot of “revamping” our front flower beds, like you suggested above, and I am extremely pleased with how much adding bright colors in our flower beds adds “curb appeal” to our house. Right now, especially, many home improvement stores are holding clearance sales on their flowers – we just purchased Mums for $0.25 a pot! Also, I have always wondered what shutters would do to the appearance of the house, so maybe it’s time to go for it since complete residing isn’t an option.

    Thanks for your tips and the way you organized your article – it made for easy reading!

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