Get rid of weeds for good with these lawn care tips

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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Weeds. Weeds. Weeds. We all hate weeds, but how can you REALLY get rid of them? What’s the secret to a beautiful landscaping–without the weeds? Here are sure expert lawn care tips:

  1. Build strong grass to crowd out weeds. This means reseeding over bare spots where weeds can take a hold; fertilizing at the right time and adding nutrients to the soil. And, yes, pulling weeds!
  2. Fertilize at the right time. Here’s an online planner from Scott’s.
  3. Reseed, reseed and reseed as part of your spring and fall lawn care.
  4. Aerate in the spring or fall to help your grass breathe!
  5. Use fungicides carefully. Instead of spraying weed killer at the first sign of weeds, target the specific weeds you have. Otherwise, the remaining weeds will lay dormant and emerge a few weeks later. Consider getting a customized weed killer plan from a landscaping contractor. Here’s a good visual from Bayer Advanced on the various weeds out there.
  6. Water your lawn well. Lawns need an inch of water per week in one application.
  7. Mow high. Lawns should be 2-3 inches high to help crowd out weeds.
  8. Try to be patient. A nice lawn takes a few years of hard work. Once there, you can sit back and enjoy.

Now, for some little known lawn care secrets:

  1. Sprinkle compost on the lawn a few times a year to add nutrients.
  2. Add peat moss on top of grass seed to keep moisture in and keep birds from eating the seed! Share this tip with your landscaping contractor.
  3. Weeds travel. Beware of weeds that expand out from your flower beds or arrive in your bag of topsoil. Some weeds are carried by birds or the wind, so keep an eye out in odd places–near the driveway or on the edge of the lawn. They can take over quickly.
  4. Don’t over fertilize; it can kill grass. Here are other “grass killer” habits to avoid from
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