Getting Creative With Home Improvement

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements, Repair your home's value
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As the holidays approach, you may be agonizing over spending money on gifts and general home repairs. Do you need a new bathroom vanity or can it wait? Should you do replacement windows now or brave it through another winter?

Home Repair Emergencies

If money is tight, figure out your threshold for cost and what constitutes an emergency. We have a few leaking windows and, after getting an estimate, decided they were not an emergency. Time to add some heavy drapes for the winter!

Once you have your “to do now” and “to do later” lists, it’s time to get creative to get some home repair projects done:

  1. Make friends with handy neighbors and relatives. If your neighbor knows how to change out your bathroom vanity, consider trading off your supreme painting skills at his house. You might even make a new friend. Of course, your spouse can help with home improvement too!
  2. Look for creative financing (but make sure you pay attention to the terms!). Many home improvement stores have no interest financing for 6 to 12 months if you spend $300 or so, which is easy to do. Just make sure you can pay it off when it’s due!
  3. Barter with your contractor, plumber, or handyman. Hey, many people are hurting for work, so maybe you can offer to paint their houses, install computer software, or do their taxes as they tackle part of your home repair list. It all adds up to getting ahead on home improvement.

Creative Home Improvement Wins

Let’s face it. Remodeling costs money and hopefully adds lots of value. But, home improvement almost always involves a little creativity. If the economy has you straining to find funds, put on your thinking cap. There are many ways to get a few home repairs done in today’s economy.

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