Home Repairs That Make the Grade

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: In the news, Repair your home's value
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As real estate agents tout the news that home sales were up last month, I did a little casual research in my own neighborhood. As I drove around, I looked for any changes in for sale signs. While not a scientific survey, my results mirrored the national news. I saw several new “sold” signs and a few “under contract” signs.

Home Sales a Go

The good news is that after all this doom and gloom, there’s some cautious optimism out there about home selling. If you’ve been on the sidelines, this doesn’t mean you need to jump in now or miss a big bonanza of profit. It does mean that if you’re ready anyway, why not try?

One caveat is that your home needs to be in tip top shape. Buyers still don’t want to buy a house knowing they might have to hire a contractor right away.

Be Careful With Home Improvement

How do you make your house shine without spending a fortune? You definitely don’t want to overimprove with home repairs right now. The trick is to pick home improvement projects carefully based on what buyers want.

Definitely fix anything obvious–leaks, cracks, or missing parts. Then go through and paint, paint, paint. Then pick your broader home repair or home improvement projects to add some pizzazz to your kitchen, baths, and main living spaces.

You don’t want to completely redo the kitchen because you won’t get that investment back quickly. Instead, change out the cabinet hardware, add wall tile, and buy a tall arching faucet. A few hundred dollars spent on well thought out home improvements can work out great.

Spring Brings Hope for Home Sales

Many quick home improvement projects can be completed in a weekend or two. If you’re not crazy about selling your house over the holidays, take the winter to go through your list. By spring, we may see a little bit more optimism. Every little bit helps!

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