Keeping Remodeling Costs in Line

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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You’ve all heard about remodeling projects that go over budget, but here’s a little secret. It’s sometimes the home owners who push the price up!

That’s right…many home owners fall victim to the “while you’re here” syndrome. While you’re here can you just add another light fixture or extend the tile area or find a different type of wood for the floor?

Keeping Remodeling Costs Down

According to, there are many ways to keep remodeling costs down, including setting your budget and priorities beforehand. Part of prioritizing is deciding upfront whether you want to splurge on the granite countertop or forego it (and NOT change your mind midstream). Here’s how changes midstream can affect your remodeling costs:

  • The contractor has to spend time pricing and ordering other materials
  • The project takes longer
  • The remodeling costs increase because you’re affecting the contractor’s time and probably buying more expensive items
  • Delaying the work can affect the subcontractors’ schedules and they may have to move on to other projects

Here are other remodeling cost tips that point out common pitfalls to avoid.

Keeping Remodeling Costs on Track

It also helps to take a hard stand with the budget. When it’s final, it’s final. Unless the contractor finds some major structural issue that has to be resolved, resign yourself to the tiles you selected and the $600 dishwasher instead of the $1,200 one. This means you should carefully review:

  • Product selections–tile is a big one that can delay a project and cause cost overruns
  • Furniture
  • Paint colors
  • Molding and trim
  • Everything down to the door knob (yes, they can be expensive when ordered in oil rubbed bronze)

Also, check out these tips for common ways to blow the budget. Finally, repeat after me. I will not add to the project, I will not add…

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