Music to Your Home Improvement Minded Ears!

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Home improvement and the holidays, Necessary home improvements
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Planning to buy home stereo equipment? With holiday sales, now is a great time to ponder the options.

I’ve been debating this for months. Do we keep our old home stereo equipment, dated as it is? Or, do we go for the tiny wall speakers that I love and really make a splash?

Luckily, we’re ahead of the game with wiring. When we had contractors redo our wiring throughout the house, we asked them to prewire for surround sound. Great move, don’t you think? Beats having wires trailing around your baseboards and across your floors.

Wiring and Contractors

The problem was, the contractors neglected to tell us where the main wiring junction was. We can see the wall plates hiding the wires high on the walls, but where does it all meet to go into the main home stereo components? In the flurry of home improvement activity and moving into the house we didn’t focus on it. As we prepared to plan our next home stereo splurge, the hunt was on. After about an hour, we finally found all the wires tucked away in the closet of our home office–logical, don’t you think?

Home Stereo Primer

Now, the next step is to find the right home stereo equipment. If you’re like me and behind the times on all the latest equipment, start with this home stereo primer. Think about where you plan to place the stereo and how much room you need. Do you have a home stereo stand or are you building it into a cabinet or armoire?

And, don’t forget the neighbors. If you’re in an apartment or condo, look for a location where you can blast the tunes without encouraging them to knock ever so gently on the front door. Keep peace in the neighborhood.

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