Prepare your Kitchen for the Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, unless your kitchen is a disorganized disaster area and the clock is ticking until your guests walk through the door. The good news is there is still time to set yourself up for success. Use these home improvement tips for your kitchen to make this year’s holiday season a snap.

Purge the Pantry:

If your pantry is a jumbled mess, take 30 minutes and inventory its contents. Pitch any foods that are past their prime and donate non-perishables that you are unlikely to use to the local food bank. Group like items together and use baskets when possible. For example, empty out containers of snack foods like cereal bars, fruit roll-ups, and toaster pastries into a basket for neat and easy access. Nestle baking supplies like chocolate chips, raisins, baking powder, and nuts into another bin. The beauty of combining similar items into bins is that you can then grab the entire container, whip up your cookies, and put everything away with ease. Even better, if you want to free up a shelf for holding everything you need to cook your big holiday meal, you can grab a few baskets and store them someplace else for a day or two.

HINT: If space allows, stash a bag of bows, tags, decorative containers, tape, and scissors in the kitchen pantry. That way, you can quickly box up homemade goodies for visitors.

Reorganize Cabinet Space:kitchen organization

More and more households are purchasing holiday dishes, serving platters, cookie plates, decorative table linens, rugs, towels, and more. Unless your kitchen is extremely large, these items are likely in storage most of the year. It’s time to box up your everyday dishes and bring out the festive ones. Tuck away appliances that get little use during the holiday season and position the ones you need most within reach.

A great home renovation project to improve kitchen storage and useability before the holidays is the installation of rollout drawers, lazy Susans, vertical organizers, and specialized drawer inserts. Evaluate your kitchen cabinets and see whether these modifications will improve the organization of your existing kitchen cabinets. If you are emptying your cabinets to change dishes, it is the perfect time to undertake these projects.

Get Creative with Counter Tops:

Cooking for a large crowd from a small kitchen presents a few challenges. If your tiny kitchen lacks counter space even after you’ve cleared away all unnecessary items, don’t despair. You can add some temporary work space with a card table and a large cutting board that fits over your kitchen sink. A slide-out cutting board is another option that can be retrofitted to your existing cabinetry.

What kitchen reorganization tips can you share for the holidays?

Photo courtesy of Case Handyman and Remodeling in Birmingham, Al.


Joaquin Erazo, Jr. is the senior vice president of marketing and public relations at Case Handyman & Remodeling, the country’s largest home remodeling company.

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  2. jamie
    Dec 15, 2010

    When my family visits for the holidays, I reorganize the kitchen by hiding all the liquor bottles! I also keep some sort of snack food out on the counter, which helps keep visitors’ fingers from finding their way into my cooking pots.

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