Quick Kitchen Storage Updates

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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If you’re like most of us, your kitchen is a challenge to keep clean and organized. Wouldn’t it be great to find ways to achieve that great, functional kitchen–without spending a lot of money? HGTV can get you started with utensil storage and the dreaded refrigerator cleaning.

Short of hiring a live-in maid, here are some ideas for your next kitchen organization project:

  • Create zones. Set aside a section of the kitchen for baking, for example. Put all the required items in that section and you may find it’s much easier to get going on those holiday pies. Consider doing a little kitchen remodeling to add a pantry space for storing and grouping kitchen spices, canned goods, and snacks.
  • Focus on kitchen storage options. It helps to have good kitchen storage–pull out drawers, vertical dividers, and cabinet slots to store cookie sheets. Sometimes this requires a kitchen remodeling, but other times it works with a minor kitchen reorganization.
  • Stuff pots and pans. Find a place for your pots and plans outside of the kitchen island or sink area. Hide them, so the whole room looks better.
  • Sort. Sort. Sort. Here’s information on how to organize your kitchen spices, drawers, and more! It’s all about sorting, labeling, and being efficient. If you don’t know where the allspice is, you can’t use it, right?
  • Don’t forget the kids. The youngsters definitely need help with organizing. Try these kitchen organization ideas from Rubbermaid. The desk on the go concept is a must!

While many of these projects are quick and easy to do, others require a full kitchen remodeling. Pace yourself as you debate how much you can achieve with just kitchen storage options versus needing to tear out the cabinets and start over.

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  2. Sep 22, 2010

    In addition to your suggestions Allison, your readers might consider trying an appliance garage. If you have an appliance you use frequently, such as a coffee maker or food processor, consider installing a specialized cabinet that makes it easily accessible from the counter. That way you’re more likely to put it away when it’s not in use.

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