Remodel Now or Later?

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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If you have a million home improvement projects on your list, you may be confused by the short term/long term debate. Do you do the quick fix or wait and do the longer remodeling project? How long can you wait and is there a middle ground so something gets done soon?

Our house is one of those without many quick home improvement fixes. Every project seems to stir vigorous debate.

Bathroom Remodeling Woes

I’d love to paint the bathroom using some of these ideas from doityourself.com, but the thought leads to discussions about ripping out the boring wall tile or changing the sink. You know….a real bathroom remodeling.

Is Remodeling Ever Quick?

Short term remodeling. Long term remodeling. Sometimes it’s hard to balance the two. Our bathroom is just one example. You could find similar examples with a kitchen remodel, family room addition, or major yard revamp. (You can find some quick fix yard ideas at landscapingideasonline.)

When deciding what to remodel when, ask yourself:

  • Will I get to the bigger home improvement project within 6 to 12 months? If not, go for the quick fix and at least freshen up your home for now.
  • Will I ever do the big fix…really? We’ve thought about adding a master bathroom. We have two others, so do we really need it? Maybe the solution is to get a rough estimate and see when we could afford that type of remodeling. If it won’t be for 5 years or more, a shorter term solution is best.
  • Will the bigger project lead to over improving for the neighborhood? This SF Real Estate site talks about how things have changed and we can’t rely on rapid price appreciation anymore. Is a big remodeling project worth it? In many cases, yes. The trick is to decide…now…or later?

Tough remodeling choices. Can I get out the paint yet?

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