Remodeling: Are We There Yet?

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Product review
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Are we done yet? How many times have you asked a contractor that question? While we all are eager for repair work to be completed, the reality is that home improvement takes time. A few hours. A few days. A few weeks…or more.

One way to reduce your stress level is to set realistic expectations on your home repairs. Here are some tips for figuring out how long a project will take. As you discuss the project with a contractor or figure out your own repairs, keep these guidelines in mind.

How Many Contractors?

In some cases, it’s the more the merrier – because you want to get a big project DONE! But, for some projects it can seem to stretch out the repair process.

If your home repair project involves a plumber, electrician and floor sander, you can guess that it will take a few days longer than if the plumber could do all the work. (But, do you want the plumber sanding floors?) Anyway, if you add multiple people to the process you’ll have a little downtime in between the various steps.

Home Repair Location

Can you get to the problem easily? Is this a ruptured water line under your sidewalk or a pipe that is easily accessible from your unfinished basement? If the contractor has to dig through your sidewalk, get out your checkbook and count on a longer timeline. If you hear the words “we can get to it easily from here” breathe a sigh of relief.   

Home Improvement Parts

Will the contractor have to order parts? The actual fix might take 15 minutes, but if the part takes three days to arrive from one coast or another, then this will delay your project.

Timing is everything with home improvement, so it pays to learn all you can about what’s involved and how long it will take.

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