Remodeling: Do you Need it Now or Later?

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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One tricky thing about remodeling is debating between long term and short term fixes. Do you do a full kitchen remodeling now or a quick kitchen cabinet refacing?

One solution is to make a list of your remodeling projects and set priorities. Then compare the costs to see how those priorities stack up. If you plan to do a kitchen remodeling in a few years, then learn to live with the old countertop until then.

With some projects, you need to weigh all the costs. If you want to buy replacement windows or a new heater, consider the upfront cost versus any incentives, such as the federal tax rebates noted on the Energy Star site. It might be less costly (in the long run) to do the bigger fix now.

Living with Short-Term Remodeling

Next, consider whether you can afford to do a full kitchen remodeling or if cabinet refacing is a better route. You still get to pick a cabinet style with this type of kitchen remodeling, but you are looking short term. Instead of tearing out walls for new kitchen cabinets, pick doors and drawer fronts for your existing layout.

You just want to avoid making major structural changes until you do the long-term fix. It’s best to leave alone:

  • The floor. It runs under the cabinets. Here are some guidelines from .
  • The electrical wiring. You have to open up walls.
  • The appliances.
  • The walls. You don’t need to tear out a wall when you’re doing a kitchen cabinet refacing.

Before deciding on which remodeling projects to do, consider these other factors:

  • Plumbing. No need to replace the pipes going to the shower until you’re ready to tear out the tile, this type of remodeling  leaves a few holes in the tile.
  • Lighting. It’s much easier to change out wiring when you can make a few holes in the walls.

It’s always a good idea to have both a short-term and long-term plan before you make remodeling decisions.

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