Remodeling Trends: Color Your World

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Product review
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Walk into your neighbor’s house and you instantly feel warm, welcome, soothed. What’s the secret? Color.

While the 80s and 90s were filled with “builder white” walls, this decade is all about color when remodeling. Can it affect your home value? You bet! Here’s why.

The Home Design Psyche

Each home has an aura, a feeling that you react to. Walk through a plain vanilla house and you might not be too thrilled about buying it. Stroll through one with touches of warm sienna or toasted almond and you feel more at home. Which house would you buy? This concept of color and warmth plays into your staging when selling your home, as you can see from this Room Spinners thread.

Color? Where Are You?

Adding color to your home design is not too difficult, but you need to create a plan. Then pick a spot or two in several rooms, depending on how bold you want to be with your remodeling. You don’t need a contractor for this part, but you may if you get into bigger projects.

More Color and More Color

The main ways to add color are with paint, furniture, and accessories. Try to use no more than two main colors so there is continuity. If you have cream in your kitchen design, add color with cranberry (curtains, dish towels, chair cushions).

You can hire a painting contractor or do the new kitchen design yourself. Just focus on making the kitchen design pop. Try “homemade butterscotch” from Glidden Paint.

Color Your Home Design

Adding color also can be an inexpensive remodeling project. Paint is cheap, as they say. Even All Things Frugal is in on this home design trend. Of note is their assertion that color never stands alone. When you think about it, they are right. It should always be part of an overall home design theme.

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