Remodeling with Carpet? Make the Right High-Traffic Choice

By: Natalie Morris, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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While carpet has many redeeming qualities, it’s not generally known for the ability to withstand constant foot traffic. Ah, foot traffic, that constant dance of pressure and dirt from your kids, visitors, and pets. You know which parts of your home are the high-traffic carpet areas: the path from your front door to the kitchen, the route from your bedroom to the stairs, the black hole right in front of your patio door.

You can almost see the carpet wearing down each time it gets walked on, can’t you? If you must use carpet in an area of your home facing that kind of daily wear-and-tear, choose carefully or get ready to replace it every year or two.

Best Carpet Features for High-Traffic Areas

The good news is that you don’t have to just pick a carpet and hope for the best. By following a few simple guidelines you can choose the right high-traffic carpet for those heavily used areas within your home. Look for:

1. Dense construction: When the carpet is tight, dirt and other materials do not have the opportunity to get caught in the yarn. When you run your hands over the carpet the backing should not be visible.

2. Sturdy materials: High-quality materials like wool do not fade or crush under pressure and possess many other great qualities that other carpet materials try to emulate. Other less expensive, but good quality choices include nylon and olefin.

3. Colors or patterns: No matter how high-quality your carpet, you probably don’t want to install white or very light tan flooring just inside the front door. Even the cleanest households without children or pets will have difficulty keeping that clean—and if you’ve got one or both, forget about it. Instead choose darker colors or some of the gorgeous patterns currently available to hide the dirt.

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