Remodeling Without Skunks

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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Skunk. That’s all you have to say and everyone gets it. 

One mention (or whiff) of a skunk and I have flashbacks to the one who blasted our sunroom from the crawl space below. Unfortunately we were sleeping in the sunroom at the time to avoid our construction disaster on the second floor. What a way to start the day!

Protecting Home Investments

Then there was the squirrel that came down the chimney ….and the mice in the basement…You get the picture. No matter where you live, animals and rodents are all part of the homeownership package. If you are remodeling, you’re particularly vulnerable to infiltration. This obviously is not good for your sanity, safety or housing investment, as they can destroy woodwork, electrical wires, and anything else they can chew and claw. What can you do?

Start by walking around your house and figuring out how they could get in. In our case, the skunk had tunneled through dirt to get under the sunroom. Our solution? Pay a remodeling contractor way too much money to put in a concrete moat around the space.  

You might need to spend a day or two sealing openings around the foundation and any cracks around doors and windows. Once they have gotten in, look for a good pest control service. Here’s a great overview on staying critter free!

For mice, our best weapon is our cat. If you’re not lucky enough to have one, check out this thread for more ways to keep mice out of your home improvement projects! Cats can’t do much with skunks, but ours did give us about 10 seconds of warning by growling before the spraying started. She had good intentions, but it didn’t change our fate.

Raccoons? Luckily, we’ve never had one inside the house. Think I’ll check for cracks around the foundation this weekend!

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