Save Big on Kitchen Remodeling

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
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We all dream of kitchen remodeling, but cost estimates can sometimes scare us away. You hear people talking about a $40,000 kitchen remodel and it sounds out of reach. Wait a minute. Does it have to cost that much? Not really. You just need to set priorities, according to Marketwatch.com.

Kitchen Remodeling Show Highlights

Among the cost saving suggestions from folks at the recent National Kitchen and Bath Industry Show are:

  • Look for timeless and simple kitchen remodeling designs, such as these by KraftMaid Cabinetry. Less fuss. Lower cost.
  • Skip the extravagant finishes. Do you really need the $800 kitchen faucet? A $200 faucet does the job just fine.
  • Try a Shaker cabinet style, which has a recessed door panel. Timeless. Easy to decorate around.
  • Consider laminate instead of granite countertops. You can save $2,000 or more. Try Wilsonart’s Passage series that looks like granite and marble.

No Granite Countertops Here

Much of your kitchen remodeling saving comes through good planning, according to the MSNBC.com. Try to avoid:

  • Moving the kitchen faucet and sink because this leads to bigger plumbing bills.
  • Paying for a kitchen remodeling design; most cabinet companies and home improvement stores will do it free.
  • Upgrading to expensive cabinets. Try middle of the road cabinets and dress them up with crown molding and a nice finish or stain. You could save $1,500 or more.

As you plan a kitchen remodeling, don’t get scared off by cost estimates you overhear. Just remember to keep it simple, yet timeless. Forget the granite countertops, fancy kitchen faucet, and $5,000 refrigerator. With creative kitchen remodeling, you can get a nice kitchen, but have more money in the bank when you’re done.

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