Staying Sane While Remodeling in Stages

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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Remodeling in stages sounds like an easy way to spread out home remodeling costs and the workload. While this approach can be successful, you’ll need to pick the projects and the timing carefully. Otherwise, you’ll be living with a half finished house for weeks, months and even years.

As you peruse your “to do” list, look for projects that are somewhat self contained and don’t involve multiple workers (electrician, plumber, drywall installer, etc.). Here are some home remodeling projects that are easy to spread out:

  • New fixtures–Whether it’s light fixtures or plumbing fixtures, you can do a room at a time. Just make sure any major wiring work is completed first, so you avoid tearing into walls twice.
  • Door and window repairs–As you long as you have an overall plan, you can do this type of remodeling in stages.
  • Flooring in one room–If you have a bathroom or den that needs new flooring, that’s usually easy to spread out. If the flooring goes into three rooms, don’t try it.
  • Landscaping–There are natural stages in landscaping–the major trees, the patios and walkways, the curved flower beds and the grass. As long as you plan ahead, this type of remodeling in stages can work.

Avoid Spreading Out Kitchen Remodeling

Some projects, such as kitchen remodeling are tough to do in stages, however. While you might be able to delay the painting or crown molding, you don’t want to live for long without appliances or the floor. Take a peak at this typical kitchen remodeling schedule from Peg Design and you’ll see why.

Planning is the key when remodeling in stages. Get a clear sense of what the work involves and ask yourself: How long can I live with just part of this project completed?

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  1. One Response to “Staying Sane While Remodeling in Stages”

  2. jamie
    Dec 30, 2010

    I find it easiest to complete one room and then be done with it. If you’ve moved the furniture to work on the floor, then might as well paint the walls while you’re at it!

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