Taking Laundry Room Remodeling for a Spin

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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Can a laundry room boost your home value? Well…perhaps not as quickly as a kitchen, but the right one can certainly make those chores a little easier.

Whether you’re shopping for a house or perusing the remodeling options, stop to consider how the laundry room has changed. (One hint: it’s no longer in the musty basement!) You may be surprised to find fancy cabinets and countertops, a center island for folding, and even a pet washing station for the dog. A well designed and fresh laundry room can’t hurt your home value. In many cases, it can push would-be buyers over the top.

For inspiration, try these laundry room ideas from Charles and Hudson.

Laundry Room Remodeling Finesse

On the appliance front, the offerings are pretty high tech, with top loading washing machines that can sense how dirty your clothes are to moisture sensing dryers that know when to shut down. If you’re confused about what style or capacity you need, start with this guide from GE Appliances.

Remodeling Tips

Beyond the style and range of appliances, here’s what to consider when remodeling:

  • Lighting. Especially if the laundry room is in the basement, make sure to add extra lighting or a window, if possible.
  • Organization. Look for detergent caddies, pantry style storage, and other stackable goodies to keep the room looking neat. Here’s more from HGTV. (Love the pet zone, by the way!)
  • Television or radio. Hey, it can take awhile to sort and fold. Why not get a little news of the day while you’re working?
  • Craft area for the kids.
  • Computer and work space for you.

The laundry room has changed greatly during the past 10 years. Take advantage of recent design and product innovations and create a room that can get the job done in style.

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