The Front Door Holds the Key to Home Improvement Success

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
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The key to staying ahead on the resale market could be right at your front door. According to US News and World Report, a recent survey found that buying a steel replacement door is one of the best projects going for resale. (Returning a whopping 129 percent of the cost..makes you want to add a few around the house.)

Home Improvement Without the Kitchen

That’s right. Forget the coveted kitchen and bathroom. The reasons they noted for the steel door’s value is that its low cost makes it a slam dunk against, say, a fiberglass door. If you think you’ll be moving soon, don’t spring for that $800 fiberglass door because potential home buyers won’t see the value.

Recouping that Housing Investment

If you want to recoup 75 to 85 percent of your housing investment, along with a steel door consider an attic bedroom–create a guest room for relatives but make sure the space is suited for remodeling. This Better Homes and Gardens article explains. Other good bets:

  • Wooden deck–just don’t go crazy with the size or fancy materials
  • Vinyl siding–always a good housing investment
  • Wood window replacement–see below

Replacement Windows: Keeping the Outside Air Out!

Wood replacement windows are a great home improvement idea if your windows are old and inefficient. Sometimes the best option is wooden replacement windows with modern style, such as these from Pella. Just be careful because windows are a long term investment. Make sure you get the efficiency and features you need without buying the best in the store because those can take longer to provide a return.

Among the worst home improvement projects for resale? A backup power generator. I think we can all understand that one. Sort of like the gold plated bathtub.

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