Top Home Improvement Trends for 2011

By: Allison Millar, Contributing Writer
In: Necessary home improvements
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Wondering what’s hot in home improvement for 2011? It’s not the orange bathtub or the $10,000 chandelier. As the economy starts to mend, look for smaller projects that add comfort without breaking the bank. Who needs all those oversized whirlpool tubs, anyway?

Here’s a peak at what the experts predict:

Bathroom Remodeling Takes the Lead

Bathroom remodeling to taking over as a top priority. It’s less expensive than redoing the kitchen, but still packs a strong punch in terms of usability and comfort. Think efficient space and clean lines in cabinetry and finishes. Here’s more from Natural Home Magazine.

Energy Efficiency is Here to Stay

Energy efficiency is not just a buzz word anymore. It’s on the minds of many people as they focus on reducing energy usage and the heating bill. In new homes, entry level buyers are looking for smaller houses with energy efficient everything, according to MSN Real Estate.

Kitchen Remodeling: Smaller is Better

While some contractors are seeing home owners knock down walls to enlarge their kitchens, many are working with the existing space and:

  • Making it cozy with some crown molding on the cabinets, warm finishes on the faucets and earth tone paint colors
  • Adding vertical storage to maximize space
  • Buying mid-range cabinetry that adds style without all the fuss

The home buying market is expected to slowly recover by mid year 2011, according to Realty Times. This means that people will still be remodeling and sprucing up their homes instead of focusing on home buying and trading up their spaces. So, think about what your home lacks and how you can get it for a reasonable investment of time and money. Perhaps a nicely appointed shower instead of the bubbling whirlpool that takes over the bathroom.

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  2. jamie
    Dec 24, 2010

    I think that theaters and exercise rooms are going to be a thing of the past, as homeowners realize that home values are not going to continually go up 20% a year. Spend within your means!!!

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