Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Can Be Fun, Too!

By: Natalie Morris, Contributing Writer
In: Home remodeling and repair websites
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Maybe it’s just that I’m a visual person, but I’m a sucker for simple, highly graphic websites that educate me and then let me move on. I’m all for information and research, don’t get me wrong, but don’t you ever feel slightly (or maybe a lot) overwhelmed by all of the home remodeling information available on the web from legit and sketchy sources alike? I do.

Thus, my love for focused, color-happy sites and blogs that know what they’re about and do it well. So I bring to you … funonthefloor.com. Yes, Fun on the Floor. Who doesn’t want to have fun on the floor, I ask you? The name alone is pure genius.

Fun on the Floor was developed by a panel of experts in the UK to promote the beauties and benefits of carpet. Wall-to-wall carpeting has gotten a bad rap in recent years, overshadowed by hard floor options like wood and tile. I must admit to being a huge fan of hardwood floors, especially in high traffic areas, but carpet still has a place in most homes.

The Fun on the Floor experts point out that carpet tends to be more affordable than hardwood and tile, provides great insulation, reduces noise, and just feels cozy. I’ll admit they get me with that cozy bit—I’d have a hard time putting anything but wall-to-wall carpeting in our bedrooms and the kids’ playroom. The experts also point to the incredible range of colors, designs, and styles available in today’s carpet—your choices go far beyond the speckled tan Berber I chose even eight years ago.

The website also includes a carpeting style guide and several other home remodeling tools that can help you learn about your flooring options. Keep in mind, however, that this site was developed in the UK so a couple of the tools might ask you for information in meters or pounds (the British currency). You’ll find an American-friendly carpeting calculator at the Better Homes and Gardens website, should you be so inspired.

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