What’s Old is New Again: Decorating with Wallpaper

By: Natalie Morris, Contributing Writer
In: Product review
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I’m not sure when this happened, but apparently decorating with wallpaper has become cool again. When I was growing up in the (cough) 1970s (cough), I proudly chose a delicate brown and blue floral wallpaper for my room. By the time I bought my own home about 10 years ago, I couldn’t imagine choosing to adhere paper to the walls. Entire home improvement shows devoted to the dreaded task of removing hideous wallpaper choices—or layers of them—ruined me for wallpaper forever. Or so I thought.

Last night I was drooling my way through the Anthropologiewebsite, purveyors of hip, trendy, modern yet vintage-inspired clothing and home décor. And right there, smack dab in the middle of the home decorating tab I came across the option to buy … wait for it … wallpaper. Not just any wallpaper, not the delicate floral designs of my youth, but the dark, boldly graphic, gaudy styles of Victorian parlors and swinging 1960s pads.

The key to using today’s modern wallpaper effectively seems to be—fun. Find a color palate and pattern you love and then make the most of it! From modern retro to metallic to elegant damask, wallpaper adds a playful feeling and a splash of visual interest to any room. Consider using bold colors and quirky prints in a child’s room, powder room, or even a closet. Wallpaper an architectural feature with an elegant grey floral or add a graphic black and white pattern to an accent wall for a pop of visual interest.

If you’re looking for a simple way to completely transform the look of any room, decorating with wallpaper could change your space from wallflower to life of the party!

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