Cabinet Refacing
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Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing Benefits

Cabinet Refacing benefits vs Replacement

With cabinet refacing, your job is done in two to four days. There is very little, if any, disruption to your household's routine while refacing your cabinets. Another benefit to consider is how little dust and dirt you will be managing. There are no temporary kitchens to setup, no replacing the floor (because of demolition), and no areas to repaint because of nicks and scratches. Lastly, don't forget the added cost you will be saving by being able to continue eating at your own house.

Most overlooked benefit of Cabinet Refacing

What is your time worth? Everyone has an hourly dollar amount assigned to their time. Cabinet refacing takes a fraction of the time and energy to that of a full replacement. Make your home more inviting and attractive to all those who enter, by investing a little time into refacing your cabinets. Create the look you want in your kitchen and save time, money and energy.

In the end, the benefits of refacing your cabinets largely outweigh the benefits of replacing. Do the job yourself and feel the pride from saving money, time and sanity.